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Motorhome Travels in Europe

Our Motorhome Travels of 2019

Our motorhome travels of 2019 were great fun. We returned to Italy in May but only as far as Livorno where we caught the ferry to Corsica. The four and half weeks spent on Corsica was only just long enough to explore the island. An account of our trip can be found on the Motorhome Fun forum here:

At the end of August we returned to France. Our intention was to potter around Brittany, Normandy and then eastwards towards Alsace. We got as far as Metz then the weather started to deteriorate. The forecasts suggested nothing was going to improve for a few weeks unless we went further south. So that is what we did and we returned, amongst other places to the Loire. It was country we had seen before but there are always new corners to find and this we did. I wrote about this trip too on Motorhome Fun:

Work on the second Edition of Two Go to Spain started in the Spring but the enforced delay has caused me to have a change of heart. I am not now going to publish a second edition. This is because we intend to return to Spain next April and if I have to include this journey I think the book will become a bit repetitive. Keeping to the same format it would have to cover four different journeys.

So my thinking now is to consider a completely new book, probably something called “The Landscape of Spain”. This wouldn’t be an account of travels by motorhome but a description of the various regions of Spain and what can be found there. More of a guide book than a travel book. That’s my thinking at the moment but perhaps it will change again. I’ve also got a hankering to write a motorhome cookbook – but I’ll have to learn to cook first. 

eBook Price Reduction

Edit: The price has returned to normal now.

My attempts to put Two Go to Italy in the Kindle Matchbook system have failed miserably!  I didn’t realise this scheme only works in the USA and not in Europe.

As I had promised purchasers of the paperback they could get the eBook free I’ve reduced instead the price of the eBook to £1.99 which is the lowest the system will allow me to set it. Not a huge discount of course but it’s the best I can do.  I will put the price back up to £2.99 in a week or so.

Two Go to Italy Published

I have just published my second book, Two go to Italy on the Kindle website:
The book has 299 colour illustrations and maps of our exploration of Italy.
There is also a paperback version which you should be able to find here:
As it has just been published the paperback has its own page but in a few days it should be shown on the same page as the Kindle version.

It was only through writing this second book did I realise how badly written my first book was! Mary and I will be going back to Spain in April and we plan to visit some of the places we missed on our first visits, such as Cordoba. I will include these in a completely revised version of Two Go to Spain towards the end of the year.

Best wishes,


2018 Already!

I have been neglecting this website so my first New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to keep it up to date!  As always, remembering to do this and putting aside the time to do it will be the challenge but I will make the effort.

But my main task is to get Two Go to Italy published by the end of March if humanly possible. So I am going to be spending some time every day crouched over a slightly warm keyboard, slowly tapping away.

Best wishes and a Happy New Year to everyone.



March Newsletter Published

A somewhat belated entry this, as the Newsletter was published several weeks ago but for some reason I forgot to add a link to it on this website.  Which I’ve now done.  I must get the April Newsletter published very soon as it will be May in a couple of days!

February Newsletter Published

I pushed out a longer newsletter yesterday, a link to which can be found on the Newsletters page though I have also put a link to it below. The newsletter consists mostly of a draft chapter from Two Go to Italy, complete with a few typos. Hopefully, the finished chapter will have fewer typos though I can never be sure to find them all. There is most certainly a gap in the market for some proof-reading software. 🙂

Two Go to Italy – Twice

My original plan was to publish my next book, Two Go to Italy, in the early part of 2017 but I have now decided to delay publication until after we get back form Sicily, which we are visiting this year.  We will be leaving the UK in early April then making our way down through Italy with the intention of spending several weeks exploring Sicily. This trip will be added to the material collected on our 2016 exploration of mainland Italy and publish in one book. So like Two Go to Spain, which was an account of two separate trips to Spain, Two Go to Italy will cover or journeys there in 2016 and 2017.

I certainly won’t be stuck for things to write about!

And as a taster here we are in the Dolomites:


New Facebook Page

I’ve created a new Facebook page:

I am the first to confess I haven’t a clue what I am doing but it probably won’t do any harm.  I really should be spending more time on writing Two Go to Italy where the writing to date has brought us almost to the French Mediterranean coast but there is still a long way to go before we even cross the border into Italy!

As a peek at what the photographs in the book might look like here is a selection:

p6130803 p6220966 p6220994p6301075


I have added a facility to the front page of the website where you can enter your email address to register for my newsletters. From time to time I will send these out which will cover items such as short trips we have made plus anything else of interest which might occur to me to share. 🙂 You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the newsletter.

Finally Printed!

The print book suddenly came good today. The good news for readers is I also dropped the price to £6.99 as I felt the previous £8.99 was a bit steep.

I have ordered a copy for myself and when it arrives I will go through it and see if there any typos I missed.  The website currently isn’t showing the correct “Look Inside” as it has colour images and the cover is the old one but Amazon tell me this will catch up with the amendments in a few days.

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