Images From Our Recent Trip to Corsica

May to July 2019

Large and mature Black Pine, Pinus nigra, Col de Bavella, Corsica

View of one corner of the Bonifacio Fortress, the Bastion de l’Etendar, Corsica

Mountain View with isolated peak and Charlie, Corsica

The Fortress at Fontanellato, Italy

Heart-flowered orchid, Serapias cordigera, close up of bloom, Corsica


Vampirecup, Cytinus hypocistis, a weird parasitic flower pollinated by ants.

Icecream Cone – Yummy!

Genoese Tower, Corsica

Ice Cream with Wafer – Even Yummier!

Outdoor Menu, Port de Centuri, Corsica

Waves breaking on rocks, Corsica

Calosoma sycophanta, a native of parts of Europe it has been deliberately introduced to other areas to combat caterpillar invasions.

Small-flowered Tongue Orchid, Serapias parviflora

Fishermans’ Netting

Mammoth Wasp, Megascolia maculata, Europe’s largest native wasp

Typical shoreline on Corsica’s west coast

Sunset on Corsica

Beach and Waves

Anthropomorphic Menhir, Filitosa, Corsica

Anthropomorphic Menhir, Filitosa, Corsica

Anthropomorphic Menhir, Filitosa, Corsica

Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar) caterpillar, potentially a serious pest of cork oak. The beetle Calosoma sycophanta has been introduced to Corsica in an attempt to control them

Anthropomorphic menhirs, Palaggiu, Corsica

Menhirs, Palaggiu, Corsica

View looking up to the Eagles Nest at Corte, Corsica

Waterfall at the Cascades des Anglais, a place popular with early English travellers to Corsica

View of the Ponte Novo, site of the last great battle in Corsica when the French defeated the Corsican forces

Lavender field in Provence

Pont du Gard

Selection of multi-coloured cakes in a typical French pâtisserie.

Sign showing the start of a footpath to the sources of the River Lot, France. We subsequently drove the length of the river

The Church of St Cirq Lapopie on cliffs above the River Lot

The Rocher du Singe or Monkey Rock near Cleder on the Brittany Coast

Sunset on the Brittany Coast showing lines of clouds and moored boats