Our motorhome travels of 2019 were great fun. We returned to Italy in May but only as far as Livorno where we caught the ferry to Corsica. The four and half weeks spent on Corsica was only just long enough to explore the island. An account of our trip can be found on the Motorhome Fun forum here:


At the end of August we returned to France. Our intention was to potter around Brittany, Normandy and then eastwards towards Alsace. We got as far as Metz then the weather started to deteriorate. The forecasts suggested nothing was going to improve for a few weeks unless we went further south. So that is what we did and we returned, amongst other places to the Loire. It was country we had seen before but there are always new corners to find and this we did. I wrote about this trip too on Motorhome Fun: 


Work on the second Edition of Two Go to Spain started in the Spring but the enforced delay has caused me to have a change of heart. I am not now going to publish a second edition. This is because we intend to return to Spain next April and if I have to include this journey I think the book will become a bit repetitive. Keeping to the same format it would have to cover four different journeys.

So my thinking now is to consider a completely new book, probably something called “The Landscape of Spain”. This wouldn’t be an account of travels by motorhome but a description of the various regions of Spain and what can be found there. More of a guide book than a travel book. That’s my thinking at the moment but perhaps it will change again. I’ve also got a hankering to write a motorhome cookbook – but I’ll have to learn to cook first.