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Still Waiting for Apple

The Kindle version was uploaded and published by Apple on 10/10/2016.  The same day I uploaded the iBooks version to the Apple iTunes site.  Whatever they are up to in Apple-Land they are taking their time because nothing has happened yet.  This hasn’t come completely as a surprise, I had read they take much longer because it seems as if they do actually carry out some quality checks, unlike Amazon who seem to take no interest in what is published.

I shall keep waiting!

Two Go to Spain – out on Kindle

Two Go to Spain was uploaded to Kindle yesterday (11/10/2016) and went “live” as the Kindle website calls it after only a few hours – which is very quick from what I’ve heard about the experiences of others.

Website launched

Just created this new website – which is a bit basic at the moment but hopefully things will be added as I work out what to do with it.

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