The print version is still stuck and I’m really not convinced anyone has had time to look at the problem yet.  I’ll give it until the end of the week then start moaning a bit more loudly.  I did email them and had a prompt reply back – but it didn’t really tell me anything new and there was certainly no reassurance the problem was being dealt with as opposed to sitting in someone’s in-tray.

I haven’t been sitting idle though, I realised all the illustrations need to be changed to black and white.  I had assumed this would happen automatically and no doubt it would have been, but because I submitted a file with colour illustrations the Look Inside feature shows colour pictures which the print book will not have.  This was very misleading so I decided to submit a new manuscript file with black and white photographs. A bit of research suggested Adobe Lightroom was the best way to do this and I soon discovered it does a very good job. What it does, which is very clever, is gives you the option to make light or dark separate colours.  So for example, if there is a blue sky a straight conversion to black and white will probably make the sky quite light and any clouds will be invisible. However, if you adjust the blue slider you can make the sky darker, highlighting the clouds better.  You can also adjust the colours to make flowers or fruit stand out better.  My close up of a bunch of cherries was a bit flat until I tweaked the red slider and now they really stand out.  It was possible to create a pre-set which I then applied to all the images and then went through them one by one making little tweaks.  It didn’t take too long and neither did going through the manuscript file to replace them all. About two days work I suppose but the results look very good on screen. If I ever get to the position I can order a print copy I will be able to check for real. 🙁

I also had another look at the formatting and realised I should really have set the indent on the first paragraph of each chapter to zero, which is a sort of standard these days.  So that is what I’ve also done. 🙂