While I sit waiting for the problem on the print version of Two Go to Spain to be resolved I have made a start on the sequel: Two Go to Italy. This will cover our eleven week trip made last year when we went almost down to the bottom of Italy.  It was quite an epic, a broken down ferry meant we started in France rather than Spain, we drove over some scary passes with snow beside the road and found by sheer accident a French cheese festival – in France I hasten to add, if we had found a French cheese festival in Italy that would have been surprising.

The biggest surprise of the whole trip was Italy itself.  My previous recollections of the country are limited to a drive with my parents across the northern plain to reach Yugoslavia when I was about eleven and more recently a walking holiday in the Dolomites.  Neither of these journeys gave any hint of the extraordinary variety to be found in Italy.  It is a place we will certainly be going back to and planning for 2017 has already started!