Our overseas travels this year have of course been put on hold. We planned to travel to Spain in the Spring and I had bought a new book about Spanish orchids in readiness but a few days at a campsite in Devizes was all we managed before the shutters came down. We should have been on the Amorique ferry going to Roscoff on the first of September but Brittany Ferries took it out of service the day before. This wasn’t unexpected and I had already changed the date of sailing to March 2021. Fingers crossed we manage even this delayed date!

But I’ve kept myself busy, concentrating on some of the commoner plants in the lanes around our house and in early August launching an unmanned high altitude balloon which flew over Dartmoor, reaching a maximum altitude of just over 100,000 feet (32Km) taking some extraordinary photographs along the way. The one below of Plymouth was taken at a fairly low altitude.

This one was taken much higher, at around 95,000 fee. The finger of Dawlish Warren is very visible at the mouth of the Exe in the lower centre of the image. Beyond that the coast stretches to Chesil Beach and just visible in the distance Portland Bill.